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This girl in my class asked me for a pencil. I guess you could say it’s getting pretty serious.



So I’m an incoming junior at my school and I have a crush on an incoming freshman girl. But I don’t even know how to start a conversation with her.


@Clackamas high school.


I saw one of this year’s student teachers on Tinder… I swiped right!


  I rode my bike over to my girlfriend’s house.  It was a really hot day, so I stopped halfway there and laid down on the grass to rest… and got bit all over my body from red fire ants.      

  # hottest date ever


 Palm Desert, CA.


My girlfriend told me I was ruining her life and that I was a bad person. So I made out with her best friend in spite of her!   


@Helena MT


I secretly made out with my best friend’s boyfriend the day that she was absent.

@Mercedes High School 


You know those guys that say they are so deep in the “friendzone” with a girl, that she sends them nude photos of herself to make sure they are looking good?  … Yea, I’m one of those guys.

@Bishop Fenwick High School


  I was doing poorly in my AP Chem class, so I stole the teachers copy of the lab to copy down the answers.  The next day she was in a panic because that was her only copy and it had the instructions on it, and so she eventually decided, since we already started, to try and complete the lab without the instructions.

   We ended up creating a green toxic sludge that had to be kept under a fume hood for days because we didn’t know what it was or why it was bubbling.    #Worth it…


  All of our friends think we’re dating.  We always deny it, but I do really want to date him.  It wouldn’t work though, since I’m 14 and he’s 18.  After this week, I’m never going to see him again.  I wish I could just take a chance and tell him how I feel… but there’s something holding me back.

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